Borovets Bulgaria offers some of the best options to learn skiing

The oldest, the most expensive and the closest to the capital of the top 3 winter resorts in the country. Speaking of Borovets, Bulgaria got used to these three predetermined labels but even being truthful these attributes do not describe the whole picture. A fact of history confirmed – Chamkoria was the first centre of winter sports and leisure on the Balkans and for the last seven and a half decades now is known by the name of Borovets. Yes, the prices of real estate hold significantly higher level compared to Bansko and Pamporovo and the combined cost of the daily expense in the Rila resort is higher too. But due to its 70 km proximity to Sofia, the complex in Samokov municipality beats the competition by means of the ease and time of accessibility.

Borovets Bulgaria

More than those three main blocks build the fame of the site. You probably know that Borovets is located at the foot of the highest peak on the Balkan peninsula – Musala scrapes the sky 2925 meters above the sea level but is walking distance from the resort. Thanks to Borovets, Bulgaria had the only major Alpine skiing star of the country – Petar Popangelov enjoyed his time of success in the World cup for more than e decade in the last quarter of the 20th century and still is regarded as one of the local heroes. And many are those trying to ski in his shoes – the Rila mountain resort claims to be proud of the ski schools in the area of the resort and nearby town of Samokov. Attracting more and more children to learn some skills in winter sports has become not the only source of dignity and honour but happens to be the official line of policy in the governance of the complex.

Well, the priority of teaching local kids to ski does not exclude foreign visitors – both under-age and senior, from being introduced to some of the best ski teachers in the land. In the name of Borovets, Bulgaria received significant recognition – 2nd award in the category of “The best ski school for adults” in a ranking made by one of the major tour-operating companies in the world. A substantial part of nearly 60 km of slopes in the resort seems perfect for rookies and medium-skilled skiers who want to learn. Most of the teachers in Borovets and Samokov have some decent command of the English language so for the foreigner, especially coming from the United Kingdom it will ease the process of introducing and improving.

Between 100 and 120 Euro is the average tag of 6-day long ski course in the adult group. The same number applies for a daily private lesson for a single person. The snowboarding courses are cheaper in some of the schools. Though the options may vary, you are now able to calculate your expense having in mind that the daily lift pass amounts to less than 30 Euro. If you are searching for some good offers for accommodation in Borovets – you can hit a good deal here. By gathering so many skilled ski and snowboard tutors in Borovets, Bulgaria gives you one more reason to visit the country and enjoy the nature of Rila mountain and the thrill of riding down the slope.

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