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Borovets Bulgaria offers some of the best options to learn skiing

The oldest, the most expensive and the closest to the capital of the top 3 winter resorts in the country. Speaking of Borovets, Bulgaria got used to these three predetermined labels but even being truthful these attributes do not describe the whole picture. A fact of history confirmed – Chamkoria was the first centre of winter sports and leisure on the Balkans and for the last seven and a half decades now is known by the name of Borovets. Yes, the prices of real estate hold significantly higher level compared to Bansko and Pamporovo and the combined cost of the daily expense in the Rila resort is higher too. But due to its 70 km proximity to Sofia, the complex in Samokov municipality beats the competition by means of the ease and time of accessibility.

Borovets Bulgaria

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Traveling in Canada



Waking up in the middle of the night because your free-spirited soul is screaming because it wants to travel? If you’re American, Canada will probably not be your first choice. Why, you ask. Because it’s so close to you, it’s almost not challenging. And if you’re European, you’re probably tired of traveling in Europe. It’s really beautiful, it has everything, and yet something is missing. You probably want to visit the USA more, but you feel like it’s probably already too mainstream. How many of your Facebook friends have uploaded a selfie with a moose or while drinking maple syrup right from the bottle? Exactly, and you simultaneously want to muffle your soul’s screams and to be the pioneer of that still unofficial competition of “Who’s going to travel to more interesting places”.

Why should you choose Canada as your travel destination? Because you can see almost everything there is to see in only one country. It’s a country filled with great people, and you will notice that the stereotype that Canadians are extremely friendly is living and breathing. The cities are diverse, and the landscape is also diverse. It includes tundras, rainforests, deserts, huge mountains, and much more. If you enjoy road trips more than organized vacations, you can rent a car in Canada and drive around. You can start from the icy tundra of the Yukon to rocky beaches of the east coast, the mountains of Calgary to the rainforests of Vancouver. It really is a shame that Canada is not exactly the country of choice for people when it comes to travel destinations. It’s big and hides many secrets in itself.

If you ask any Canadian, he or she will tell you to visit Vancouver. Maybe you didn’t know that but Vancouver was recently ranked as the third most “livable place in the world” for its high standard of living and quality of life. Vancouver is also home to Canada’s longest pool. It is nearly the size of three Olympic pools. It is open year round and is a major tourist attraction.

If you travel to Canada during the winter but you’re not really a ski person, you can visit the Great Bear Lake. It is the eighth largest lake in the world. Why is it important to be there during the winter? You will be able to witness the breathtakingly beautiful Northern lights. Yes, we know that you can do that in Northern Europe as well, but your soul needs Canada right now, so let’s listen carefully. And if you’re there during the summer, you can visit the top summer tourist destination according to National Geographic – Muskoko, Ontario which hosts the world’s largest collection of lakes.

Whatever the season and/or the reason, choosing Canada as your travel destination will never be a mistake. You’ll get to see a lot of the world in just one beautiful country with great culture and amazing, friendly people. Don’t hesitate.