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Luxury on a budget: it’s possible in Sunny Beach

Both things don’t go along together in the general idea. Indulging yourself in the glamour and leisure usually isn’t possible for a limited amount of funds, isn’t it? Well, think twice or check the hotels in Sunny Beach to see that luxury on a budget actually happens to be not a representation of the term „oxymoron“. Proclaimed as the best value seaside resort on the globe by the 2017 Post Office survey shows that Sunny Beach holidays lead the rankings in the means of affordability but it isn’t restricted to low or medium level accommodation alone.

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valentines's day in Pamporovo

Pamporovo ranks high among the favorite Valentine’s Day destinations

The Students’ Day has been a blast at Pamporovo – on December 8th the most prominent Rhodopi mountain resort has been all packed up for the party. New Years celebrations have seen the place not the least busy and this time the guests were not just local but international too – from UK and Russia and from the neighboring countries of Bulgaria. The hype for Pamporovo Valentine’s holidays is the last during the winter with that magnitude and destination becomes more popular recently to become crowded for that occasion.


Someone familiar with the resort’s current profile might argue. Isn’t Pamporovo more appropriate venue for a nice and quiet family vacation? Sure, it is. Providing with some great packages for the children and the parents, the Rhodopi mountain complex has become a much preferable option for the winter break. Paying around 500 GBP for two adults and two kids for a whole week full-ski service (including the passes for the lifts, the equipment hire, and ski tuition) sounds like a deal. And in mid-February, the place is definitely crowded by family groups.


And by young people who have fallen in love too. There is plenty for everyone who have chosen the Pamporovo holidays option and even a quick glimpse might convince you that it is suitable for those searching the vibrant nightlife as well as for families. If you prefer the loud music and the noise, several disco clubs, and bars in the area are open until dawn to welcome you. Wishing to go out to enjoy the evening in a calmer manner? Dozens of restaurants can be found on the map of Pamporovo ski resort, many of them offering tasty food and a variety of great wines for affordable numbers.


Drunk with love or with wine?


Yes, the wine is the other code word in Bulgaria next to love when it comes to celebrating February 14th. Actually, love came centuries after the wine in the customs regarding that day and the festivities dedicated to the grapes and the beverage made out of it. But young people increasingly have paid a tribute to Valentine’s Day in the past two decades and this is a trend unlikely to wane anytime soon. The unique thing about Bulgaria is that the celebration of love is combined with the celebration of wine more and more.


And if it’s busy this year, it wouldn’t be much different 12 months from now on. The booking for Valentine’s Day at Pamporovo start pour in October and the demands for a suite in the resort grows every week preceding the mid-February hype. Except being the date to celebrate the love, this is the perfect time of the year for the main activity in the winter complex – skiing and snowboarding. The slopes in the biggest Rhodopi mountain snow sports are covered by fresh powder and the sun shines more than anywhere else on the hills in Bulgaria. So if you missed to visit Pamporovo around Valentine’s Day or tried to reserve a room a little too late, you will know that next time you have to book earlier if you wish to enjoy the celebration.