Luxury on a budget: it’s possible in Sunny Beach

Both things don’t go along together in the general idea. Indulging yourself in the glamour and leisure usually isn’t possible for a limited amount of funds, isn’t it? Well, think twice or check the hotels in Sunny Beach to see that luxury on a budget actually happens to be not a representation of the term „oxymoron“. Proclaimed as the best value seaside resort on the globe by the 2017 Post Office survey shows that Sunny Beach holidays lead the rankings in the means of affordability but it isn’t restricted to low or medium level accommodation alone.

Early booking is the key to make the equation work


Cheap holidays in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria are unlikely to form a long list if you start your research amidst the high season. Since the place has already gained fame among the western tourist thanks to the low prices, the demand has risen significantly and thousands of Brits check the deals provided by Balkan Holidays. Early reservation through the most trusted tour operator in the region can save a couple more than 500 GBP for a week.


The 4-star segment seems like the perfect match to combine the high quality with the opportunities for the budget-limited travelers. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is maybe the one with the widest spectrum of star below the top level accommodation choices. Early bookings for hotels in Sunny Beach of that category might cost as low as 300 GBP or even less. Hotel Condor, for example, attracted with the availability of a reservation costing less than 250 GBP per person for a week with the condition of the flight taking off from Sheffield/Doncaster. Always check the airport suitability considering the greatest option among the Sunny Beach hotels.


The prices mentioned in the previous paragraph apply mostly for the half-board type of accommodation. Sunny Beach 2018 season might serve surprisingly good choice with that kind of booking for those who like to trip and walk around a lot – and in the area of Slanchev Bryag a traveler receives the chance to visit many other places and taste the food in a variety of classy restaurants.


All-inclusive Sunny Beach holidays save a lot of funds


Package vacations undoubtedly play the role of the best friend for the budget tourists. While the price is slightly higher than the Bed & Breakfast combo, the all-inclusive hotels in Sunny Beach will cost less on the greater scale if calculated properly. The 4-star Hotel Marvel, for instance, might require around 300 GBP per person in the case of up-front reservation – can you believe it? For this amount, a family from Sheffield can spend a lot since every meal is included in the price.


Speaking of luxury – what about the 5 stars in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria? The options including the chance to save money can be traced to Hotel Helena Sands where a week-long might cost less than 450 GBP per person. An alternative in the list of top category Sunny Beach hotels can be seen in the name of Barcelo Royal Beach. Whatever you choose from the Balkan Holidays menu deserves every penny spent.

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