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Luxury on a budget: it’s possible in Sunny Beach

Both things don’t go along together in the general idea. Indulging yourself in the glamour and leisure usually isn’t possible for a limited amount of funds, isn’t it? Well, think twice or check the hotels in Sunny Beach to see that luxury on a budget actually happens to be not a representation of the term „oxymoron“. Proclaimed as the best value seaside resort on the globe by the 2017 Post Office survey shows that Sunny Beach holidays lead the rankings in the means of affordability but it isn’t restricted to low or medium level accommodation alone.

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valentines's day in Pamporovo

Pamporovo ranks high among the favorite Valentine’s Day destinations

The Students’ Day has been a blast at Pamporovo – on December 8th the most prominent Rhodopi mountain resort has been all packed up for the party. New Years celebrations have seen the place not the least busy and this time the guests were not just local but international too – from UK and Russia and from the neighboring countries of Bulgaria. The hype for Pamporovo Valentine’s holidays is the last during the winter with that magnitude and destination becomes more popular recently to become crowded for that occasion.


Someone familiar with the resort’s current profile might argue. Isn’t Pamporovo more appropriate venue for a nice and quiet family vacation? Sure, it is. Providing with some great packages for the children and the parents, the Rhodopi mountain complex has become a much preferable option for the winter break. Paying around 500 GBP for two adults and two kids for a whole week full-ski service (including the passes for the lifts, the equipment hire, and ski tuition) sounds like a deal. And in mid-February, the place is definitely crowded by family groups.


And by young people who have fallen in love too. There is plenty for everyone who have chosen the Pamporovo holidays option and even a quick glimpse might convince you that it is suitable for those searching the vibrant nightlife as well as for families. If you prefer the loud music and the noise, several disco clubs, and bars in the area are open until dawn to welcome you. Wishing to go out to enjoy the evening in a calmer manner? Dozens of restaurants can be found on the map of Pamporovo ski resort, many of them offering tasty food and a variety of great wines for affordable numbers.


Drunk with love or with wine?


Yes, the wine is the other code word in Bulgaria next to love when it comes to celebrating February 14th. Actually, love came centuries after the wine in the customs regarding that day and the festivities dedicated to the grapes and the beverage made out of it. But young people increasingly have paid a tribute to Valentine’s Day in the past two decades and this is a trend unlikely to wane anytime soon. The unique thing about Bulgaria is that the celebration of love is combined with the celebration of wine more and more.


And if it’s busy this year, it wouldn’t be much different 12 months from now on. The booking for Valentine’s Day at Pamporovo start pour in October and the demands for a suite in the resort grows every week preceding the mid-February hype. Except being the date to celebrate the love, this is the perfect time of the year for the main activity in the winter complex – skiing and snowboarding. The slopes in the biggest Rhodopi mountain snow sports are covered by fresh powder and the sun shines more than anywhere else on the hills in Bulgaria. So if you missed to visit Pamporovo around Valentine’s Day or tried to reserve a room a little too late, you will know that next time you have to book earlier if you wish to enjoy the celebration.




On time view with Bansko webcams

Bansko ski webcams

Reading about the numerous awards Bansko has earned in the past decade might not be enough to convince anybody that this town has become indeed the best resort on a national level. Seeing is believing so it’s normal for anyone who has not visited the town in the footsteps of the Pirin Mountain to cast doubts on the place. Bansko webcams give the image of the key spots of the top Bulgarian complex for snow sports and everybody can watch what is like to be near the Todorka Peak or what the finishing point of the famous Alberto Tomba piste looks like.


In Bulgaria, webcams have been installed on every major location in the highlands and Bansko represents no exception. Trying to rank among the winter destinations of international recognition, the top skiing site in Bulgaria developed significantly from the start of the century and gained in popularity for a reason. The quality of the overall service increases every season not only in terms of guaranteeing that there will be enough snow on the runs (sometimes it’s impossible to promise such thing if the weather happens to be surprisingly warm during the “white” months of the year) but also by getting the visitors easier to the slopes and sharing on time information about the conditions in the mountain. Together with the snow and weather report skiing webcams in Bansko help the guests and the future newcomers to get fresh data concerning the circumstances in the area of the Pirin Mountain town.


Six spots to check in real time

Bansko snow webcams

The key points of the ski zone in the leading Bulgarian winter destination are there to be found among the available picture sources. Bansko webcams live provide with a view to the main spots on the map of the resort. You might find out that these spots coincide with the zones where the reports of conditions for skiing are updated on a regular basis. Well, it’s not really a coincidence – looks more like a well-designed concept.


The ski webcams cover all the way from the Todorka Peak down to the base of the lift. The top of the mountain is situated at 2746 m above the sea level and the highest Bansko webcam is installed 200 m down the hill at the start of the skiing runs. Platoto (2200 m) is the next place to be spotted on camera with an updated picture every minute. Sliding down in altitude follow Shiligarnika (1730 m) and Banderishka Polyana (1620 m above the sea level) – the most famous places for skiing in the zone everyone who rides on snow is familiar with. The camera located nearest to the town is installed in the area of Chaling Valog (1200) and then comes the view from the Gondola lift station lower than 1000 m of altitude and situated in the town itself.


You can see that the ski webcams are designed to be distributed gradually in the whole zone available for winter sports activities. There surely might be some blind spots but the key locations have not been missed. Being away from the Pirin mountain resort, you can check here what is going on there thanks to the consistently updated information provided by Bansko webcams.


What you see is not a movie actually. Most of the time no motion is available through the image of the skiing webcams so don’t expect to laugh out on the Mr. X failed attempt to slide like an Alpine star turned to a spectacular fall. The images are updated every minute but essentially what is uploaded in the system are photos and rarely a motion picture. But even not-moving view gives a clear enough basic idea of what is going on Shiligarnika or Chalin Valog. And the cameras do not shoot in one direction all the time – on most of the spots they rotate to provide a better vision of the area.


The image cannot be compared to some HD experience, it’s nowhere near that clarity of the picture but the basic idea isn’t about that anyway. Bansko ski webcams wouldn’t let you feel the wind or taste the cold but the information about it is posted there. The temperature of the air couldn’t be missed, the same goes for wind speed – along with these numbers every skiing webcam in Bansko shows the humidity of the air in the zone. Some of the cameras are inactive during the summer but for the ski season all work.


While no one would rely only on skiing webcams to decide what place to book for winter holidays, the imagery of the resort research anyway plays a part to choose a destination of the snowy vacation. Bansko webcams are useful not only to those considering the option to come the Pirin Mountain. The information updated all the time help mainly the guests of the resort in their day planning and decision during the holidays. Just one look may save you from unpleasant experience if the weather happens to be not right for skiing, snowboarding or any other outside activity in the snow. The images of the live webcams also provide timely information about the current density on the slopes so if you don’t want to mess with too many people on the runs or you don’t like to wait on the queue to catch the lift on the base station, one glance on the computer screen might be enough to make up your mind.


Bansko live webcam

Borovets Bulgaria offers some of the best options to learn skiing

The oldest, the most expensive and the closest to the capital of the top 3 winter resorts in the country. Speaking of Borovets, Bulgaria got used to these three predetermined labels but even being truthful these attributes do not describe the whole picture. A fact of history confirmed – Chamkoria was the first centre of winter sports and leisure on the Balkans and for the last seven and a half decades now is known by the name of Borovets. Yes, the prices of real estate hold significantly higher level compared to Bansko and Pamporovo and the combined cost of the daily expense in the Rila resort is higher too. But due to its 70 km proximity to Sofia, the complex in Samokov municipality beats the competition by means of the ease and time of accessibility.

Borovets Bulgaria

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How about the GLOBAL ENTRY program? See all about it here!

Hello to all our readers who love to learn interesting facts related to travels, ways of movement, exciting trips and so on. We are here for you and want to show you that you can travel much more pleasant than you have ever thought…

If you often read our publications and together with that you like them because are interesting for you, today you will be more than happy of what you will read! We have collected several useful articles in one, so that our readers to find all the information related to the crossing of the borders of Canada and the U.S. just by one click. Stay here and enjoy this publication…

In generally, you can travel as much as you like, many times a year. BUT how can you make your movement really pleasant – do you know how? If you do not, we do and are going to share with you our experience with the movements between Canada and the U.S.

GLOBAL ENTRY – that is the key for unforgettable passing the customs check. This is a trusted traveler program and is mostly used by people who often cross the borders of both countries and who do not want to make any compromises with their comfort – especially when it comes down to family trips! Everybody who wants to feel a real pleasure while traveling has to become an owner of a GLOBAL ENTRY card and to use it every time when he hit the road. You can get this card only if you meet several conditions, because the GLOBAL ENTRY program is cooperation between Canada and America, so it is very important the travelers who would like to receive GLOBAL ENTRY cards to be low-risk travelers!

How works the GLOBAL ENTRY program?

The GLOBAL ENTRY program will give you lots of advantage independently from the way you are moving: by air, by land, by sea. As a member of this program you will be always first on the line by using the Global Entry kiosks. They are available in 20 airports in the U.S., as to use them you must be a citizen of Canada or the U.S. for three years at least. In addition, the absence of a criminal record is also of most importance. So make sure that you meet these requirements and apply. Apply today or learn how to do it by reading our article.

Well, to apply for getting a GLOBAL ENTRY card is easy and doesn’t take lots of time. Still, for every person the procedure may take more or less time, but let’s hope that you will be able to get in short terms your amazing GLOBAL ENTRY card!

How to apply?

The first thing you should know before to apply for a membership in the GLOBAL ENTRY program is that you can do that by providing a valid passport or birth certificate. From there on, get informed that there are 4 steps you have to follow and that will take you to the dream membership!

The first one of course is to download the online application form, to fill it and then to send it back by email (the second step).

The third step you have to take is to pay the fee. You know that wherever you apply, you have to pay some fee, right? Do not be afraid – it is not so large, so you will be able to afford it!

Step number four – assigning your file to some of the agent in charge. Thus, your application form will be checked for missing information and if you have to adjust it, will be informed. As a final, it will be created a special profile in the GOES system and you will have to wait for receiving of confirmation within 24 hours!

Later, you will receive by email your passport and log-in name, so that to have an access to your profile. If you want to change your passport, do it, as meanwhile you will see the status: “Pending review”. More often, it takes about 1-3 months until you get the final conditional approval or denial… If you are a suitable applicant and meet all the necessary requirements will receive instructions for an interview. Hope so!

At the end, we would note that when applying there is nothing guaranteed. But in order to get your GLOBAL ENTRY card, make sure that the information given is correct. Thus, you will have bigger chances to receive an approval!

Let’s suppose that you have received an approval for a membership in the GLOBAL ENTRY program. You already are a proud owner of the GLOBAL ENTRY card and even have started using it. Do you know what its expired date is, or you consider that it is too early to think of renewal? Actually, never is too early to think for renewal of some important document. Especially when it comes to the amazing GLOBAL ENTRY cards! You must know when to apply for renewal, because if you miss to renew your GLOBAL ENTRY membership, you won’t be able to travel as before – fast, easy and pleasant.

To keep using the GLOBAL ENTRY cards that is valid for all the trusted travelers between Canada and the U.S. and who are also citizens if these countries, you have to renew them. Take note that before this time comes, you have 5 years to use your card. And when it is time to renew it, you can do it 180 days before the expired date and after that too. But do not wait the last minute! Be calm that you have done everything related to the applying for renewal of your GLOBAL ENTRY and very soon you will get your new/renewed card!

The process of renewal is almost the same as the first time application process. In case your personal information have not been changed over the last five years, your applying will be easier than you thought. If your address, driver license or passport are the same, your applying will be very easy and you will even not have to go to an interview!

How to renew?

To renew your GLOBAL ENTRY card, you must follow several steps once again… Actually the same steps like these when applying for the very first time and that we have mentioned above. See which they are and apply for renewal today (if necessary), or just be informed what to do when it is time for renewal has come!

We keep going ahead with the GLOBAL ENTRY family application – the sweetest part of the GLOBAL ENTRY program! Everybody knows that to travel with the whole family is an unforgettable experience, especially if all the members have GLOBAL ENTRY cards! The program is perfect for all those people who have small kids and who just are not able to wait on the lines with them too long (for hours and among the crowds). Kids just do not get what is happening and can’t wait patiently like the adults. For that reason, every traveling parent must have a GLOBAL ENTRY card that will help him cross the border of Canada or the U.S without problems. If you are a family man who knows very well what to travel with a family of 5 is, do not wait anymore and save lots of unpleasant moments on the border!

Traveling in Canada



Waking up in the middle of the night because your free-spirited soul is screaming because it wants to travel? If you’re American, Canada will probably not be your first choice. Why, you ask. Because it’s so close to you, it’s almost not challenging. And if you’re European, you’re probably tired of traveling in Europe. It’s really beautiful, it has everything, and yet something is missing. You probably want to visit the USA more, but you feel like it’s probably already too mainstream. How many of your Facebook friends have uploaded a selfie with a moose or while drinking maple syrup right from the bottle? Exactly, and you simultaneously want to muffle your soul’s screams and to be the pioneer of that still unofficial competition of “Who’s going to travel to more interesting places”.

Why should you choose Canada as your travel destination? Because you can see almost everything there is to see in only one country. It’s a country filled with great people, and you will notice that the stereotype that Canadians are extremely friendly is living and breathing. The cities are diverse, and the landscape is also diverse. It includes tundras, rainforests, deserts, huge mountains, and much more. If you enjoy road trips more than organized vacations, you can rent a car in Canada and drive around. You can start from the icy tundra of the Yukon to rocky beaches of the east coast, the mountains of Calgary to the rainforests of Vancouver. It really is a shame that Canada is not exactly the country of choice for people when it comes to travel destinations. It’s big and hides many secrets in itself.

If you ask any Canadian, he or she will tell you to visit Vancouver. Maybe you didn’t know that but Vancouver was recently ranked as the third most “livable place in the world” for its high standard of living and quality of life. Vancouver is also home to Canada’s longest pool. It is nearly the size of three Olympic pools. It is open year round and is a major tourist attraction.

If you travel to Canada during the winter but you’re not really a ski person, you can visit the Great Bear Lake. It is the eighth largest lake in the world. Why is it important to be there during the winter? You will be able to witness the breathtakingly beautiful Northern lights. Yes, we know that you can do that in Northern Europe as well, but your soul needs Canada right now, so let’s listen carefully. And if you’re there during the summer, you can visit the top summer tourist destination according to National Geographic – Muskoko, Ontario which hosts the world’s largest collection of lakes.

Whatever the season and/or the reason, choosing Canada as your travel destination will never be a mistake. You’ll get to see a lot of the world in just one beautiful country with great culture and amazing, friendly people. Don’t hesitate.