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On time view with Bansko webcams

Bansko ski webcams

Reading about the numerous awards Bansko has earned in the past decade might not be enough to convince anybody that this town has become indeed the best resort on a national level. Seeing is believing so it’s normal for anyone who has not visited the town in the footsteps of the Pirin Mountain to cast doubts on the place. Bansko webcams give the image of the key spots of the top Bulgarian complex for snow sports and everybody can watch what is like to be near the Todorka Peak or what the finishing point of the famous Alberto Tomba piste looks like.


In Bulgaria, webcams have been installed on every major location in the highlands and Bansko represents no exception. Trying to rank among the winter destinations of international recognition, the top skiing site in Bulgaria developed significantly from the start of the century and gained in popularity for a reason. The quality of the overall service increases every season not only in terms of guaranteeing that there will be enough snow on the runs (sometimes it’s impossible to promise such thing if the weather happens to be surprisingly warm during the “white” months of the year) but also by getting the visitors easier to the slopes and sharing on time information about the conditions in the mountain. Together with the snow and weather report skiing webcams in Bansko help the guests and the future newcomers to get fresh data concerning the circumstances in the area of the Pirin Mountain town.


Six spots to check in real time

Bansko snow webcams

The key points of the ski zone in the leading Bulgarian winter destination are there to be found among the available picture sources. Bansko webcams live provide with a view to the main spots on the map of the resort. You might find out that these spots coincide with the zones where the reports of conditions for skiing are updated on a regular basis. Well, it’s not really a coincidence – looks more like a well-designed concept.


The ski webcams cover all the way from the Todorka Peak down to the base of the lift. The top of the mountain is situated at 2746 m above the sea level and the highest Bansko webcam is installed 200 m down the hill at the start of the skiing runs. Platoto (2200 m) is the next place to be spotted on camera with an updated picture every minute. Sliding down in altitude follow Shiligarnika (1730 m) and Banderishka Polyana (1620 m above the sea level) – the most famous places for skiing in the zone everyone who rides on snow is familiar with. The camera located nearest to the town is installed in the area of Chaling Valog (1200) and then comes the view from the Gondola lift station lower than 1000 m of altitude and situated in the town itself.


You can see that the ski webcams are designed to be distributed gradually in the whole zone available for winter sports activities. There surely might be some blind spots but the key locations have not been missed. Being away from the Pirin mountain resort, you can check here what is going on there thanks to the consistently updated information provided by Bansko webcams.


What you see is not a movie actually. Most of the time no motion is available through the image of the skiing webcams so don’t expect to laugh out on the Mr. X failed attempt to slide like an Alpine star turned to a spectacular fall. The images are updated every minute but essentially what is uploaded in the system are photos and rarely a motion picture. But even not-moving view gives a clear enough basic idea of what is going on Shiligarnika or Chalin Valog. And the cameras do not shoot in one direction all the time – on most of the spots they rotate to provide a better vision of the area.


The image cannot be compared to some HD experience, it’s nowhere near that clarity of the picture but the basic idea isn’t about that anyway. Bansko ski webcams wouldn’t let you feel the wind or taste the cold but the information about it is posted there. The temperature of the air couldn’t be missed, the same goes for wind speed – along with these numbers every skiing webcam in Bansko shows the humidity of the air in the zone. Some of the cameras are inactive during the summer but for the ski season all work.


While no one would rely only on skiing webcams to decide what place to book for winter holidays, the imagery of the resort research anyway plays a part to choose a destination of the snowy vacation. Bansko webcams are useful not only to those considering the option to come the Pirin Mountain. The information updated all the time help mainly the guests of the resort in their day planning and decision during the holidays. Just one look may save you from unpleasant experience if the weather happens to be not right for skiing, snowboarding or any other outside activity in the snow. The images of the live webcams also provide timely information about the current density on the slopes so if you don’t want to mess with too many people on the runs or you don’t like to wait on the queue to catch the lift on the base station, one glance on the computer screen might be enough to make up your mind.


Bansko live webcam