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How about the GLOBAL ENTRY program? See all about it here!

Hello to all our readers who love to learn interesting facts related to travels, ways of movement, exciting trips and so on. We are here for you and want to show you that you can travel much more pleasant than you have ever thought…

If you often read our publications and together with that you like them because are interesting for you, today you will be more than happy of what you will read! We have collected several useful articles in one, so that our readers to find all the information related to the crossing of the borders of Canada and the U.S. just by one click. Stay here and enjoy this publication…

In generally, you can travel as much as you like, many times a year. BUT how can you make your movement really pleasant – do you know how? If you do not, we do and are going to share with you our experience with the movements between Canada and the U.S.

GLOBAL ENTRY – that is the key for unforgettable passing the customs check. This is a trusted traveler program and is mostly used by people who often cross the borders of both countries and who do not want to make any compromises with their comfort – especially when it comes down to family trips! Everybody who wants to feel a real pleasure while traveling has to become an owner of a GLOBAL ENTRY card and to use it every time when he hit the road. You can get this card only if you meet several conditions, because the GLOBAL ENTRY program is cooperation between Canada and America, so it is very important the travelers who would like to receive GLOBAL ENTRY cards to be low-risk travelers!

How works the GLOBAL ENTRY program?

The GLOBAL ENTRY program will give you lots of advantage independently from the way you are moving: by air, by land, by sea. As a member of this program you will be always first on the line by using the Global Entry kiosks. They are available in 20 airports in the U.S., as to use them you must be a citizen of Canada or the U.S. for three years at least. In addition, the absence of a criminal record is also of most importance. So make sure that you meet these requirements and apply. Apply today or learn how to do it by reading our article.

Well, to apply for getting a GLOBAL ENTRY card is easy and doesn’t take lots of time. Still, for every person the procedure may take more or less time, but let’s hope that you will be able to get in short terms your amazing GLOBAL ENTRY card!

How to apply?

The first thing you should know before to apply for a membership in the GLOBAL ENTRY program is that you can do that by providing a valid passport or birth certificate. From there on, get informed that there are 4 steps you have to follow and that will take you to the dream membership!

The first one of course is to download the online application form, to fill it and then to send it back by email (the second step).

The third step you have to take is to pay the fee. You know that wherever you apply, you have to pay some fee, right? Do not be afraid – it is not so large, so you will be able to afford it!

Step number four – assigning your file to some of the agent in charge. Thus, your application form will be checked for missing information and if you have to adjust it, will be informed. As a final, it will be created a special profile in the GOES system and you will have to wait for receiving of confirmation within 24 hours!

Later, you will receive by email your passport and log-in name, so that to have an access to your profile. If you want to change your passport, do it, as meanwhile you will see the status: “Pending review”. More often, it takes about 1-3 months until you get the final conditional approval or denial… If you are a suitable applicant and meet all the necessary requirements will receive instructions for an interview. Hope so!

At the end, we would note that when applying there is nothing guaranteed. But in order to get your GLOBAL ENTRY card, make sure that the information given is correct. Thus, you will have bigger chances to receive an approval!

Let’s suppose that you have received an approval for a membership in the GLOBAL ENTRY program. You already are a proud owner of the GLOBAL ENTRY card and even have started using it. Do you know what its expired date is, or you consider that it is too early to think of renewal? Actually, never is too early to think for renewal of some important document. Especially when it comes to the amazing GLOBAL ENTRY cards! You must know when to apply for renewal, because if you miss to renew your GLOBAL ENTRY membership, you won’t be able to travel as before – fast, easy and pleasant.

To keep using the GLOBAL ENTRY cards that is valid for all the trusted travelers between Canada and the U.S. and who are also citizens if these countries, you have to renew them. Take note that before this time comes, you have 5 years to use your card. And when it is time to renew it, you can do it 180 days before the expired date and after that too. But do not wait the last minute! Be calm that you have done everything related to the applying for renewal of your GLOBAL ENTRY and very soon you will get your new/renewed card!

The process of renewal is almost the same as the first time application process. In case your personal information have not been changed over the last five years, your applying will be easier than you thought. If your address, driver license or passport are the same, your applying will be very easy and you will even not have to go to an interview!

How to renew?

To renew your GLOBAL ENTRY card, you must follow several steps once again… Actually the same steps like these when applying for the very first time and that we have mentioned above. See which they are and apply for renewal today (if necessary), or just be informed what to do when it is time for renewal has come!

We keep going ahead with the GLOBAL ENTRY family application – the sweetest part of the GLOBAL ENTRY program! Everybody knows that to travel with the whole family is an unforgettable experience, especially if all the members have GLOBAL ENTRY cards! The program is perfect for all those people who have small kids and who just are not able to wait on the lines with them too long (for hours and among the crowds). Kids just do not get what is happening and can’t wait patiently like the adults. For that reason, every traveling parent must have a GLOBAL ENTRY card that will help him cross the border of Canada or the U.S without problems. If you are a family man who knows very well what to travel with a family of 5 is, do not wait anymore and save lots of unpleasant moments on the border!